Residential Projects at Badlapur Which You Can Afford

Badlapur is a suburb in Thane, offering affordable houses to low- to middle-income home buyers. The presence of the Badlapur MIDC industrial area drives the high demand for houses in this area. Furthermore, Badlapur boasts adequate public amenities, and great connectivity through Badlapur- Katai Road, Kalyan-Badlapur-Road, and Kalyan- Shil Road. City buses are available at a good frequency and private auto-rickshaws plying in these areas, are also a good mode of transport to reach your office in time.

The property prices in Badlapur ranges between Rs 2750- 4,018 per sq. ft.

This area has given a huge boost to the Mumbai property rates. More people, who work in Mumbai and want 2 BHK flats in Mumbai, now, prefer to buy in Badlapur, So Badlapur has become the next stop for the discerning home hunter after Thane, Kalyan and Dombivli. Platinum Sagar has affordable apartments for sale with world class amenities. It is the perfect residential space where one can experience a new way of living with their loved ones.

The smooth connectivity has played an important role in elevating Badlapur’s real estate scenario today. Both East and West Projects in Badlapur offers affordable home options as well as properties that is well planned and well designed. With the transformation of the skyline of the town, it is sure to give opportunities for better returns in future.

Badlapur is witnessing huge interest from end users and investors alike. Badlapur is located in Maharashtra’s Thane district and lies on the outskirts of the MMR (Mumbai Metropolitan Region). Badlapur comprises of areas like Kulgaon, Katrap, Belavali and Manjarli among others. The Ullas River also runs between Kulgaon and Badlapur. Badlapur is situated approximately 44 meters above sea level. The Central railway line divides the locality in eastern and western halves. The town derives its name from an interesting habit of the legendary Maratha warrior, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj who used to change (Badla) horses at this location whenever he traveled to Gujarat from the Konkan area.

Badlapur has witnessed tremendous growth over the years on account of its proximity to Mumbai. The town is located just 68 kilometers away from the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai. The town has now been industrialized and has witnessed ample spillover real estate demand from Mumbai. MIDC (Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation) is the key nodal agency looking after the area and several chemical industries are also located here. Badlapur offers reasonably priced properties to buyers as compared to other locations in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Badlapur has several mid-income properties on offer for buyers along with housing options for buyers in the lower-income segment.

Badlapur has a cosmopolitan ambience and draws several professionals here on account of the low prices. Badlapur is also well connected to Dombivli, Thane and Kalyan. Badlapur is expected to witness handsome appreciation in the future in terms of property rates. There will always be sizeable demand for real estate in Badlapur since people will continue seeking affordable homes in the locality and employment prospects will be boosted hugely. Several premium projects are being developed in Badlapur including Godrej Sky Gardens Vihaa and many others. Badlapur offers good investment opportunities and is well connected to Mumbai. These are factors that will keep the growth momentum intact over the next few years.

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