Questions You Should Ask Before Buying a Home in India

Home a place we look forward to go after a tiring day at work and home is place where we feel really comfortable and where we can be safe. Yet many people don’t have their own house which they can call their home or many people are living in a rented apartment and they are looking to buy their own house but they don’t know what are the major things they should do and what question they should ask before buying a house. Here are few questions you should ask before buying any property.

  1. Where is that the proposed construction happening, how is it accessed and what's being built?
  2. What is the entire property into construction for the project and getting to what's going to" what is going to be built? Is that the construction going to happen in phases? If yes, how?
  3. Which are the apartments that are presently vacant and what are their carpet areas? Is there a differential pricing policy supported floors or the orientation of the flats?
  4. Are any modifications permitted within the flats? If yes, what quite modifications/ upgrades are possible and what's the procedure to action an equivalent from the buyer's end?
  5. Can multiple flats be combined to form one flat?
  6. What are the common facilities and features provided within the residential complex?
  7. How is car parking allotted? What are the choices? When will my flat be handed over during a ready position to me? When am is able to start the fit outs? If there's a delay in fork over, what's the compensation that the customer is entitled to? Where will this guarantee be formally promised?
  8. How do I start off the booking of the flat?
  9. What happens post the booking formality? When do is buy a proper allotment? What’s the payment schedule post booking and the way time bound is it? (Remember that delayed payments on your end could also be susceptible to late fines and interests. Clarify this also.) When will the agreement purchasable be signed? Are there multiple agreements?
  10. Is the project permitted for home loans from well-respected financial institutions? Which ones? Who is that the person to contact to hunt a clarification or to use for a loan?
  11. Are timely bank disbursements my responsibility? (In standard cases, this may be a yes). What are the documents which will be sent to me by the developer in order that I can process the disbursements with my bank?
  12. What is the additional charges payable by me aside from the flat cost? Clarify this in writing. Are there any escalation possibilities within the future? Is do not want to pay quite promised within the future. Make that clear!
  13. When will the registration take place? What is going to be the expected government circle rate then? (This will assist you steel oneself against the stamp tax funds in time, albeit it is a rough estimate)
  14. Who will maintain the project post-delivery? For a way long? What’s the time-frame for association formation and fork over of maintenance?
  15. Who do is buy in-tuned with for status updates, queries and interaction about my flat and therefore the project?

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