Offline or Online Which Is Best for Your Property

The way and techniques of home advertisement have changed drastically over the years. While in earlier times, sellers were more hooked in to traditional advertising techniques, like taking over space within the classifieds section of the local newspaper and putting up posters within the area, nowadays, with the digital revolution, online advertising techniques have taken the lead.

What are the simplest new-age techniques to plug your property?

Online property portals

Online property portals are one among the essential marketing tools in your arsenal since buyers nowadays are digitally aware and like to explore and skim up property online, shortlist one, and only then leave for a property visit.

In addition, during the continued COVID-19 pandemic, buyers are increasingly counting on online portals for properties due to many features, like video tours of the property, which reduce the necessity for physical visits, property photographs and 3D graphics. Consistent with a study conducted by to research the sort of resources employed by sellers to urge buyer enquiries amid COVID-19, nearly 65 percent stated that they received enquiries through online portals, signifying the importance of this platform within the current times for sellers.

You can prefer a web portal like, which is that the industry leader during this space with over nine million engaged visitors a month and over two lacs verified property.

Where it posts all the relevant information about your property (description, specifications, like carpet area, built-up area, pictures and far more) and supply your contact information. Find your dream property on

Social media

The acceptance of social media has been increasing gradually in India. consistent with a 2017 report by Kantar IMRB ICUBE and therefore the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), there have been around 295 million internet users in urban India, with social media being reported because the third commonest activity among these urban internet users.

By choosing to advertise your property on social media platforms, you'll have access to a huge pool of users and gain a good amount of visibility.

In case you're active on social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and have many contacts there, you'll prefer to publish information about your property and post pictures of it. Consistent with the above-mentioned report, Facebook remains the foremost popular choice amongst Indian social media users.

You can also look for specific land pages, public or private groups, and forums on social media platforms where you'll post information about your property. Try checking out online groups or communities which are area-focused. Moreover, in recent times, Facebook Marketplace has also emerged as a well-liked platform to get leads.

Platforms like Twitter and Facebook also provide you with the selection to use paid advertisements in order that you'll filter your audience consistent with geography and demography.

Hiring a broker

Hiring the services of a broker remains one among the critical ways a seller goes about finding a buyer for his/her property. Doing so can prevent time and energy since the broker will now handle the advertising for you.

Good area-based brokers are adept in marketing a property during a way that might guarantee results since they're intimate the neighborhood and are well-practiced in applying tried-and-tested methods to seek out buyers for a property.

They have a huge pool of contacts and may spread the word rapidly and during a manner that draws the type of buyer you desire for your property. To find out more about the way to select the proper broker, click here.

What are a number of the normal techniques to plug your property?

For-sale posters on notice boards

In case your property is an apartment during a residential society, you'll always put up a billboard stating that your property is up purchasable on notice boards at the bottom floor of your specific building (if available) or within the office block of your society. Many neighborhoods even have community centers where you'll try putting up posters on the bulletin board about your property.

Print media advertisement

You can prefer to hire an area within the classified section of your local newspaper and publish a limited amount of data about your property. The advantage here is that you simply can make your listing visible to tons of individuals.

Some newspapers have a fanatical section for land and supply the chance to form a bigger sized and better-designed advertisement for your property. There also are certain national or city-focused lifestyle magazines which you'll consider for this purpose.

However, magazines are best used for advertising more luxurious properties. Newspapers, on the opposite hand, are often used for advertising all kinds of properties with regards to the worth.

Word of mouth

You can always spread the word about your property being on sale among your relatives, your colleagues and friends. They will also spread the word forward to extend the visibility of your property.

All in all, there's an abundance of properties purchasable within the market today, and to face out from the gang, it might be prudent for you to settle on the proper mixture of advertisement methods which are best fitted to your property. As an example, if you propose to plug your property yourself, you'll consider creating a web listing alongside offline methods, like putting advertisements on the society bulletin board. Of course, these combinations will depend upon your situation, and you ought to spend a while contemplating an equivalent.

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