How To Choose The Best Security System For Your House?

You feel safer at home, and now more than ever, that's true. Due to the lockdown following the coronavirus pandemic, we have been forced to stay home for our protection. As we gradually return to our normal lives, it also presents an opportunity to reconsider the security of our home and the protection of our loved ones. One of the simple solutions to this is to update the home's locking system. The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) reports that there are in 2019, there were more than 670 burglaries and home break-ins every day. Also, according to Godrej Locks Har Ghar Surakshit survey, only 23% of Indians update their locking systems every 2 years.

Therefore, it is important to update the home lock system more frequently and keep an eye on the home security technology now on the market so that we can choose the next lock system wisely. Based on the strength and technology of locking mechanisms, there are primarily 5 security levels out of.

When choosing a system, buyers should consider locks with these basic strengths.

Simple security

Locks in this category include basic mechanical locking systems using lever, wafer, tumbler, or single row pin cylinder technology. They also have typical mechanical locking systems.

Advanced security technologies

These locks feature multi-row pin cylinder technology with computer controlled stamped keys. At most, up to 100 million key combinations can be available. As a result, only the locks own key can be opened, and making a duplicate requires the original key.

Extra Secure Technology (EXS)

Advanced multi-row angle pin cylinder technology is used in these locks. An extremely complicated system of locking solutions can be implemented. The potential for up to two billion key variations (combinations).

Excellent mechanical security

This mechanical lock offers the highest level of security and a three-bend mechanical design with flying pin, side bars and locking bar. It conforms to EN 1303, a European standard. Unique key generations are guaranteed by the availability of opportunities up to 30 billion.

Modern digital access control technologies

The locks in this category differ from traditional mechanical locks. They are digital locks with combinations that can reach 200 billion. These digital locks are based on virtual networks that work with access and control systems. If mechanical locks are used. It is critical that users adhere to at least security level 3. As mentioned above to ensure complete security. They must also take essential safety precautions, such as B. change the locks every two to three years and take legal action. Although high security/digital locks are more expensive than traditional mechanical locks. Replacing the contents of your home after a burglary costs a lot less. So even if there is a little more money to be spent on security, people should think about buying the best lock for their home.

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