ABOUT Delta House

Delta House is a pre-launched residentional project by Reform Realty.This project is presenting luxurious living style with spacious 1, & 2 BHK apartments. The royal residencies makes you feel like a king of your ow royal kingdom with its rich design, Air-conditioned apartments, high-class amenities and the most connective location of the city.

Why Goregaon is Right Choice for Residential Property?

Goregaon is so self-fulfilling, that people living here do not feel the need to go to any other part of Mumbai. It has easy access to almost everything that you will need in your daily life, and you can enjoy spending more time with your family at home, or in the nearby areas.

Goregaon East is definitely the best option.

You will get a chance to explore upon the finest network of well planned interconnected arterial roads connected to main road and Link Road besides Goregaon Station.All good colleges, hospitals, BMC Offices, markets are located in close vicinity. The whole area boasts of middle and higher middle segment of society. A series newly developed residential towers with malls and other commercial offices give it a cosmopolitan outlook. It is slowly turning into a preferred destination for Commercial offices. It has very convenient and affordable network of BEST Buses.

The Goregaon East has very good connectivity to W.E. Highway and other parts of the Mumbai City. You can also get local trains easily as now a days the passengers alighting at Goregaon are more than the passengers getting in during morning peak hours besides Goregaon locals.

The real estate prices have touched the skies in Mumbai. It is the western suburbs like Goregaon, Malad, Kandivali, and Borivali that people are heading now, for their homes. South Mumbai has way too expensive standards of living for an average person.

What does a common man need that makes any location an ideal one for their homes? It’s easy access to basic amenities like public transport, schools, colleges, hospitals, supermarkets, entertainment venues, malls, etc. And the above mentioned western suburbs of Mumbai offer all of the above, coupled with the ‘value for money’ factor.

Let’s check out the top 7 reasons why you should buy your ideal home in these localities of Mumbai-

1.Connectivity. One of the best modes of transport- the railways, connects the western suburbs with other parts of Mumbai. With a train every 2–3 minutes, reaching the town side is very easy and quick. The next significant mode of transport, the BEST have a well connecting network too. Apart from that, taxis and auto rickshaw are available in abundant too!

2.There are innumerable and excellent food hotspots in these areas, right from fine dining outlets to family restaurants, from sports pubs to fast food corners, from multi-cuisine restaurants to takeaway outlets. You will find everything here.

3.These suburbs are home to many reputed schools offering top quality education for children across different boards. For example, Pawar Public School, Ajmera Global School, JBCN international School, Witty Kids International School, Ryan International, and so on. There are many reputed colleges for different streams like Art, Science, and Commerce in the vicinity. Some of the renowned colleges include Patkar College, N.L. College, Durgadevi Saraf College, Thakur College and so on.

4.Having your workplace just a stone’s throw away from your house is a dream come true for anyone, more so in a city like Mumbai! The Mindspace on Malad link road is a hub of numerous BPOs, financial companies, and IT companies.

5.With many famous clinics, hospitals and medical shops around, you can keep your medical worries away.

6.Easy and quick access to well-known supermarkets ensures that your grocery needs can be easily handled. There is Hypercity, Reliance Fresh, D-Mart, Big Bazaar, etc. These localities also have loads of local vendors.

7.These 4 western suburbs are known for their green cloak. Parks like Liberty Garden, Inorbit gardens, Adarsh garden, Evershine garden are very popular. They also have easy access to the less crowded and much cleaner beaches of Manori, Aksa, Gorai, etc. The famous Sanjay Gandhi National Park and Kanheri caves are also a good recreational option nearby.

In a nutshell, the western suburbs of Goregaon are self-fulfilling and have everything within them. One doesn’t actually need to go to any other parts of Mumbai for anything. They offer almost everything that one may require and living here would mean saving loads of your time which would otherwise go in traveling. So if you buy a home here, you can actually enjoy it more as you get more time to spend with your family!

Why choose Goregaon East for a residential investment:

• Goregaon has witnessed immense commercialization in the recent past.

• The locality is well-linked to various developed areas of Mumbai and several hotels, schools, banks and hospitals via an excellent network of railways and roadways.

• There are also several malls such as Inorbit & Hypercity, Hub Mall, and Oberoi Mall

• Parks such as the famous Sanjay Gandhi National Park and other parks such as Wageshwari Park and Aarey Bhaskar Garden.

Real Estate growth in Goregaon East:

Goregaon East has well developed social and physical infrastructure and this has made the locality one of the most preferred residential localities in Mumbai.

The locality has almost 100 projects, of which 25% are in the under construction stage whereas 70% are ready to occupy. Increase in demand has contributed to the increase in property prices here.

Some of the best projects in Goregaon are Delta House, Oberoi Esquire, Lodha Fiorenza, DB Woods, Raheja Ridgewood, etc.

One of the best, affordable and luxurious project from all the above is Delta House.

Delta House:

Reform realty have recently launched Delta House in Goregaon East. Offering spacious 1 & 2-bedroom residences, Delta House Goregaon is an exceptional project with plush amenities that will open up a world of luxury for homebuyers, like never before.

Configuration & floor plan

Delta House offers spacious 1 & 2-bedroom homes starting at Rs. 1.10 Cr* (all inclusive), making it easily one of the best properties in the area.

7 Ideas To Have A Stress-Free Home in India | Delta House - Goregaon, Mumbai Properties.

Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy. There's going to be stress in life, but it's your choice whether you let it affect you or not. Believe it or not, but advancement in times has also enhanced the levels of stress in people's life. A certain amount of stress in everyday life is unavoidable. Family life, work, relationships, finances and other aspects of living in the modern world all come with their stressful moments, and most people can deal with this stress without too many negative consequences.

However, too much stress can have adverse health effects on both physical and mental health and can cause:

• Depression, particularly in people who have experienced depression before

• Headaches

• Lack of energy and problems concentrating

• Stomach problems and lack of appetite

• Increased risk of high cholesterol and heart attack.

Make a list of things that make you happy and optimistic. To fully relax your lifestyle and live stress-free life, remove all the distractions. Here are ways in which you can ensure your home is a stress-free zone:

1. Create a Relaxation Zone

It can be challenging to find a space just to be you in the middle of busy family life, but it’s so important. Dedicate a room, a nook, or even just a chair in your home to be your personal relaxation space. Add a cosy blanket, a candle, and make sure the rest of your family know not to bother you when you’re curled up there with a cup of tea and a good book.

2. Clear the Clutter

Being surrounded by piles of clutter can be stressful. You’ll be amazed how light and free you’ll feel after you clear out the stuff that’s weighing you down. Be ruthless and get rid of anything you don’t use or you don’t like. This includes clothes you’ve been waiting to slim into! Donate your unneeded items to charity, or sell them on eBay or Gumtree to bring in some extra cash.

3. Make the Most of Natural Lighting

Morning rays of the sun are a great source of positive energy. This is why it is important you keep your windows open so that the natural light can flow in. Rather than depending on the alarm clock, try to let the sun wake you up.

4. Add Some Greenery

Studies have proved that the presence of flowers and plants help reduce stress and create a calm environment in a room. The nice smell and the greenery would help calm your nerves in a more effective way.

5. Choose Calming Colours

You can experiment with colours at your home at different places, but it is important to choose right colours for particular sections. A dark colour may be suitable for your kitchen, but it may make you feel aggressive and stressed while you are in your bedroom. Try to keep lighter shade walls in your bedroom.

6. Unplug From time to Time

It is suggested to keep electronic devices such as televisions, radios off, as they are often a source of distraction. These devices also emit rays that signal your brains to stay awake and interfere in your sleep.  For a good night's sleep, it's better to switch them off early in the day.

7. Use an Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils not only make your home smell beautiful, but they can also help you to feel more relaxed. Lavender, frankincense, roman chamomile, and sandalwood all help to ease anxiety and can even help you sleep. When you’re feeling down and low on energy, switch to citrus and peppermint scents to perk you up again.

Why Should I invest in Delta House Goregaon, Mumbai


If you invest in a Delta House the upcoming Residential hub offers 1/2 BHK AC Apartments at a very affordable price along with all the World Class Amenities with this Modern lifestyle, you will be able to access the whole of Mumbai easily.Mumbai, the fast-paced city has seen rapid growth and progress in the last few years. Whether it will be in the field of real estate or different infrastructures.

Many builders and developers are adding more modernity to Mumbai city with their innovations and well-thought designs and developments. Especially, Delta House, the development in Goregaon East, Western Suburbs sees no boundaries. Every street here has an interesting infrastructure or an upcoming one. One of the most developed parts of the city is the Western Suburb of Goregaon.

Delta House, Goregaon has witnessed immense commercialization in the recent past. Economic growth, coupled with infrastructure development in Goregaon, are responsible for making it a coveted locality of Mumbai. Let’s talk about the benefits of investing and living in this dream location of Mumbai.

The locality is well-linked to various developed areas of Mumbai and several hotels, schools, banks and hospitals via an excellent network of railways and roadways. It is witnessing an increase in population in recent years, owing to its proximity to various employment hubs. The nearest airport is the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport. It enjoys convenient proximity to Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road (JVLR) and the Western Express Highway.

As real estate experts say, ‘Goregaon is a buyer’s market’ - the Mumbai suburban district has a stock-pile of homes that are awaiting buyers. There’s been a recent slump in the real estate market and prices of homes in Goregaon have bottomed out. Located centrally in the Mumbai Suburban District, Goregaon is flanked by Goregaon Malad Link Road (GMLR) which provides smooth connectivity, hence giving another reason for investment. 

Considering the high rate of increase in property prices in Goregaon and the obvious rise in demand, the locality is sure to prove to be a good investment in the future. The presence of various business hubs such as Lotus Corporate Park, Nesco, Mindspace, Infinity IT Park, I-Flex Solution, etc. and renowned schools such as Oberoi International School, Ryan International School, Vibgyor High School, Whistling Woods, etc. are making Delta House in Goregaon East a good residential destination of Mumbai.


Raising a family needs a balanced environment, just like the neighborhood you will find at Goregaon. There are also several malls such as Inorbit & Hypercity, Hub Mall, and Oberoi Mall, parks such as the famous Sanjay Gandhi National Park and other parks such as Wageshwari Park and Aarey Bhaskar Garden. Also, there are entertainment zones such as PVR, Movietime multiplex, and Fun City to take your family over on the weekends.

The Western Suburbs of Mumbai is connected to the town-side through one of the best modes of transport, i.e. Western Railway trains. In a nutshell, Goregaon is so self-fulfilling, that people living here do not feel the need to go to any other part of Mumbai. It has easy access to almost everything that you will need in your daily life, and you can enjoy spending more time with your family at home, or in the nearby areas.


Config Carpate Price
1 BHK 410 / 448 sq ft
2 BHK 573 / 594 sq ft


  • Delta House Cafe*
  • Delta House Spa*
  • Delta House Steam & Sauna, Gym
  • Delta House Kids Play Area
  • Delta House Squash Court
  • Delta House Water body
  • Delta House Swimming Pool with Kids Pool
  • Delta House Telescope at Roof Top
  • Delta House Billiards Table
  • Delta House Table Tennis Table
  • Delta House Landscaped Garden
  • Delta House Yoga Area (On Terrace open to Sky)
  • Delta House Foldable Cabanas (On Terrace)
  • Delta House Convenience Store (Paid Service)
  • Delta House Barbeque Area (On Terrace Open to Sky)
  • Delta House Skating Area
  • Delta House Walking Area

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