Checklist for Senior Citizens to Buying a New Home

India has almost 65% share of youth and working age in its whole population. This distribution has effectively side lined the getting older senior citizen population. It only makes experience for products to be designed and developed for the majority. However, the senior residents have their personal wants that need to be met.

When it comes to building homes, most developers provide facilities designed round the youthful demographic. Fancier amenities like Jacuzzis and gyms are centred for the youthful buyers. On the different hand, older senior residents are predicted to continue to be content material on foot on the premises.

The popular city development may also no longer be a proper suit for senior citizens. And the exclusive tasks developed for senior residents aren’t making as a great deal noise. So it would be smart for senior citizens to appear for tendencies that offer a broad range of services for all ages. However, if you are on the lookout for a senior citizen centric development, we have here a guidelines that ought to come handy.

A developer who suggests compassion

For a senior citizen who would like to purchase a home after retirement, matters may also appear as daunting as it should be for a young first time domestic buyer. The bureaucracy and the problem may want to experience like too a great deal to even the younger generation. So it is first and fundamental essential for the aged to discover a builder who can empathize with the needs of the senior citizens, be compassionate and reply their queries patiently, and provide offerings accordingly.


Most senior citizens purchasing a home are perhaps doing so on their pension. And owning a home after their high ages may additionally seem like a big accountability to take on. So it is vital to purchase a home that is affordable. A senior domestic buyer be able to manipulate their EMIs (if any), put aside savings, and have a better share dedicated in the direction of an emergency fund.

Loans on pension

The most age of a domestic loan applicant should be 70 in most banks. Most senior homebuyers are acknowledged to purchase a home from their retirement settlement. However, a small mortgage amount can do no harm considering that the domestic is only an asset. Most banks and lenders offer domestic loans to senior residents for a tenure that may last till the applicant reaches the age of seventy five


A development that is accessible and senior citizen friendly must have ramps, elevators, and be designed to swimsuit its older residents. A graph guidelines for a senior citizen-friendly improvement must take into consideration that most frequent architectural features that may also appear convenient to get admission to for the youthful era may additionally no longer be the equal to its older residents. Skid-free tiles, easily on hand and more than the traditional quantity of elevators, ramps with aspect rails, assist handles in bathrooms, and plenty of space for pets are all just some of the accessibility aspects that can make a senior citizen’s lifestyles easier.


Security is a function that can't be compromised upon, no be counted what the age of the owner of a house or resident. This is in particular proper for senior residents thinking about how they may also need regular assurance for their well-being. An invulnerable improvement is a have to for its senior residents’ peace of mind.


As an extension of the protection feature, it is quintessential for an improvement with senior residents to have without delay accessible healthcare facilities. Check if there are hospitals and healthcare amenities available in the vicinity. If not, do test if there are physicians on hand nearby who wouldn’t thought making house calls. It is also vital to make certain that there are enough options for transport accessible when the want arises.

Smart features

Smart residences paint a youthful and technologically advanced photograph in the mind. However, smart residences can be of excellent help to the senior citizen population. Smart properties tuned to suit the wants of its senior citizens can be a virtual aid. From reminders to take medication to without problems making calls, clever homes can be a blessing to the elderly. Smart homes outfitted with healthcare aspects can even call for scientific help in case of emergencies like when someone in the domestic falls. Smart houses can be operated remotely. So for senior residents who can also have a failing memory, their appliances and gadgets can be operated remotely allowing them to enjoy absolute peace of mind.


Parks are a common amenity provided in most developments. However, most parks aren’t senior citizen friendly. Parks with a lot of walkways, gazebos, and designed for leisure are ideal for the elderly. Look for improvement with parks that motivate moderate outdoor activity, detailed areas that permit site visitors to socialize, and deliver on a sense of calm.

Compact designs

A compact home is less complicated to easy and maintain. It would be better for senior citizens to experience a fulfilling life-style in a compact home with just a little greater house for company when they visit.

To be in a position to find the money for a home after retirement, and to have the zeal to see via the finalization of the purchase is appreciable. To have a home that offers its senior residents an experience of freedom, security, peace, and dignity is the need of the hour.

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