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Located within the Thane district, Bhiwandi may be a popular Mecca for the logistics and cloth diligence. This artificial growth including optimal connectivity to Thane and Mumbai and excellent communal structure has led to a large-scale domestic land expansion in Bhiwandi.

Bhiwandi is positioned within the Thane District of Maharashtra’s Konkan Division. The city is roughly 15 km faraway from Thane (Majiwada) and 20 km from Mumbai (Mulund East), which lies towards its western side. Kalyan, Dombivli and Ulhasnagar, the contrary notorious metropolises within the Thane quarter, are located towards its south.

A well- developed marketable position; Bhiwandi is understood for its cloth and logistics diligence. Over the times, Bhiwandi has witnessed robust casing demand thanks to its expansive in- megacity artificial exertion, connectivity with Thane and Mumbai, relative affordability against Thane, and well- developed communal structure. The city enjoys brilliant connectivity with Maharashtra’s developed areas via well-built road and rail chain. The forthcoming Line 5 of the Mumbai Metro between Thane, Bhiwandi and Kalyan would further boost the connectivity quotient of the region and impact its domestic land demand.

Property rates in Bhiwandi

According to Mumbai Insight Report Jan-Mar 2021, the typical property prices in Bhiwandi hang at Rs per square bottom. The typical reimbursement for a 1 BHK casing unit within the area ranges between Rs 27 lacs, while an original for a 2 BHK hovers around Rs 39 lacs.

Disclaimer the house rates are the typical values recorded within the Jan-Mar quarter within the pronounced times

Together, these diligence have generated large-scale employment, which led to a considerable casing demand within the area and thereby the increased Kalyan Bhiwandi property prices. The forthcoming Mumbai Metro Line 5 between Thane and Kalyan via Bhiwandi will further move be a serious game changer for the region. The metro line is not only anticipated to support the megacity’s connectivity with Thane and Mumbai, but also bolster the casing demand within the points alongside.

Domestic force in Bhiwandi

The casing force available purchasable in Bhiwandi substantially comprises domestic apartments, and nearly partial them are 1 BHK configuration, followed by 2 BHK. Domestic plots and builder bottoms are scarce.

Roughly 60% of the casing systems in Bhiwandi are suitable to move, with the remaining being under construction, indicating the trust and auspicious beliefs of land inventors in Bhiwandi’s land eventuality.

Bhiwandi’s metamorphosis into a logistics and warehousing Mecca

Several factors, like connectivity to Thane and Mumbai, vacuity of huge land parcels and government enterprise, have contributed to the increase of Bhiwandi as a warehousing and logistics Mecca.

For generations, residers of the region possessed large land parcels, with tilling being the first occupation. Still, with rapid-fire urbanization and adding land costs, utmost co proprietors gave up tilling conditioning and leased their land for storehouse construction to earn a far better Return on Investment (ROI). The profitable status accorded to the logistics and warehousing sector also played a critical part. It made it simpler to for investors gain long- term loans for erecting logistics centers and storages. The manufacturing units formerly placed in Bhiwandi also started exercising the recently plant out storages, further propelling their growth.

The world takes benefits from a superb road network that connects it with Thane and Mumbai, easing the fast and smooth delivery of products to an in depth consumer base. Resultantly, Bhiwandi is in high demand among major e-commerce and logistics companies for its warehousing installations. Because the consumer base in Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) grows, Bhiwandi is prognosticated to ascertain large-scale growth.

Connectivity and proposed structure systems

The Kalyan-Bhiwandi Road links the profitable megacity with Kalyan, Dombivli, Ulhasnagar, Ambernath and Badlapur.

The propinquity to Shahapur, which has been passing presto- paced development in recent times, via Mumbai-Agra National Highway, farther, adds to Bhiwandi’s viability as a garden destination.

Bhiwandi Road station on Central Line’s Vasai Road-Diva-Panvel route provides access to the Mumbai Suburban Railway network. State- run machine services also give easy commute options for intra and inter-city peregrination. The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport is plant at a distance of 42 km.

Proposed structure systems

The planned 25 km-long Thane-Bhiwandi-Kalyan metro corridor (Line 5) of Mumbai Metro will significantly ameliorate Bhiwandi’s connectivity quotient. The corridor is prognosticated to prompt functional by 2024- end.

The Bhiwandi-Kalyan-Shilphata road is also witnessing widening and strengthening workshop, which, once completed, will ease commute towards the metropolises of Kalyan, Dombivli and Ulhasnagar.

Social structure

Bhiwandi has excellent social structure, which provides an excellent living experience for its residers. There are numerous prominent seminaries, hospitals, premises, and shopping complexes within the megacity.

Bhiwandi’s artificial growth has led to robust domestic land exertion, as indicated by an outsized number of under- construction systems and a gentle price rise. The force of affordable casing units has also attracted first- time home buyers. From an investment perspective, the perfecting transport structure and growing industrialization are anticipated to further spark the important estate growth and property prices within the region.

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